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How To Change Streeing Gear Housing On 93 Es300?

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Did someone change their ES300 steering gear housing before please give me some advice?

How to change the steering gear housing will be easy?

Did I need remove bottom mounting frame in order to get steering gear housing out or I can pull it out from tire that location without remove the bottom mounting frame?


David :cries:

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The Lexus ES300 Steering Rack is a component of the total steering mechanism in your car. When you turn the steering wheel, the force you exert goes to the pinion gear. The pinion gear is fastened to the steering wheel with a shaft that transfers the force to the steering rack where the teeth on both components interlock where the rotating motion becomes a back and forth motion.

The rack has a tie rod at the end that either pushes or pulls the spindle that then turns the wheels. The rack and pinion gear assemblies, along with the power assist pinion are contained in the rack and pinion housing.

It serves two purposes; one is converting the circular action of the steering wheel into the lateral motion needed to turn the wheels. It is also a gear reducer, enabling you to turn the wheels much easier. If your car becomes hard to steer, especially at low speeds or you hear a low hissing sound, your might need to replace your Lexus ES300 Steering Rack. The steering rack can be replaced by anyone with at least moderate experience in car repair. Make sure to re-align the front end after you replace the steering rack and have your tires balanced.The Lexus ES300 Steering Rack is manufactured using the finest quality components and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the strict factory specifications for your particular car.

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