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Anyone Able To Make Use Of The Speaker Phone System?

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I have a '92 with an old school cell phone in the center console. I would love to get that phone activated on AT&T but that's not possible. Does anyone know how to wire an iPhone into the existing speaker phone system? It would be great to plug my phone in, listen to my iPod, answer calls and speak through the microphone on my steering wheel. Any ideas?

If I can only wire the phone up, that is fine because I am using a tape transfer to listen to music currently.

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You have no idea how many times a question like yours has been asked over the past seven years I've been on this forum. The answer is NO. OK, maybe not NO, but how much money and time to you have to spend?

You can certainly install an aftermarket Bluetooth phone kit but you won't be able to use the phone controls or microphone on your steering wheel. And the iPhone doesn't work with all aftermarket Bluetooth phone kits. Some phone kits from Parrot are advertised as "Made for iPod & Works with iPhone":

Getting a Parrot or any other music/phone Bluetooth kit wired to your 92 LS so it plays music through your LS audio system would be a challenge - might take a car audio guru. There are no plug and play adapter harnesses available for 1990's Lexus vehicles like there are for some made after 2000.

If you are hot to do this, you might consider replacing the OEM audio system with an aftermarket stereo that has Bluetooth and is compatible with and can play music from the iPhone.

If you are satisfied with a cassette adapter for playing your music (and many people are not), you could install a non-music Bluetooth phone kit that is certified to work with iPhone. The only connections to the car for a non-music car kit is power, gound, radio mute and speaker. There's plenty of room under the dash to hide a phone kit speaker -- easier and more reliable than splicing into the door speakers. The attached photo shows the phone kit speaker under the dash of my 00 LS and a smaller version from a newer kit.


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