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Limited Slip Differential

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First post here for the new owner of a 2003 Lexus IS300.

Is there a way to find out if my car came equipped with the Limited Slip Differential? Say...looking at the VIN?



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If there is an M85 paper sticker on your diff case (mine is clearly visible underneath the car,) then you have LSD. My car is a manual !!!

stolen shamelessly from another forum...

How to tell if my IS300 has LSD?

Look at the sticker on your driver door sill/jamb, look for the area that reads "A/TM"

You'll see numbers such as B02A, B02B, B02C

A=no LSD


If you are still unsure, call 1800 25 LEXUS and ask them to look up your VIN and they can tell you what options it came equipped it from the factory.

If you bought your car second hand, there is a possibility the owner of a non-LSD IS300 swapped in a factory LSD, if this is not disclosed, it makes things a bit more challenging.

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You can actually go to, go to the “Resources” tab and then “Vehicle Specifications” and type in your VIN #! It will tell you exactly the specs of your Lexus unlike playing a guessing game of “my diff says these numbers and mine is LSD” 

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