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Curious As To Any Known Issues With The 03 Gs300

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If there is a thread about 'i'm new and i have a question regarding a GS300 i'm purchasing' thread, i'm sorry, as i didnt use the search function. I just scrolled through 3 pages of the GS sub-forum to really only see 'what's a good upgrade for OEM tune-up' a bash thread about putting 22s on a GS and electrical problems.

I just wanted to know if there are any known issues with these as I am looking at two 03 GS300s to trade in my 00 Maxima for. I thought these would have coilpacks, but in that one thread found out they have wires. I know i need to make sure that the timing belt has been done, and if it isnt, i know i have to get it done/bypass the car. Both of them have right around 100k miles on them. anything i should be on the look out for thats common about these particular cars?

I'm not new to the Toyota family as i use to own a 88 toyota pickup with 280k miles on it before selling, and i know that Toyota has a good reputation for lasting a long time with very few minor issues. I just know that this car is a little more advance than my old truck especially electrically, and could possibly have a high possibility of issues going wrong with THAT aspect, but engine wise, i'm sure it should be a sound platform as its the dumbed down supra engine.

BTW, if curious as to plans i only plan to do coilovers and wheels and maybe upgrade the sound down the road with a nice set of components.

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You need a reply? I'll give you one. This is a respectful community on this board, and sarcasm isn't going to get you anyplace.

That said you will find :

A - That these cars are VERY reliable

B - The GS has no inherent or common faults

C - Your rambling first post doesn't make clear just what you are asking about

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98-05 gs300 "problems/features"

Ball joints snap easy if lowered or with huge !Removed! tires

wheel bearings in the front

thats about it for em. lower joints are like 35 a pop. the upper ball joint and control arm costs an arm and a leg. :cheers:

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