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94 Es300 Cooling System

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A week or so ago I posted queries about my overheating 1mzvfe which seemed to be losing some water and episodically over heating. I have been afraid of a blown head gasket, but last weekend dropped some of that copper particulate sludge stuff into the system, and so far no overheating or coolant loss. Here's hoping....

But while retriving some knock sensors at the picker yard today I learned some interesting stuff about the '94. Recall I was having a hard time figuring out where the tstat was. Well, it's tucked under the front driver's side intake manifold, as I suspected. I had also assumed there must have been a pipe running from there into the water pump at the front (pass side) of the engine. Well after I lifted the manifold I was amazed to find.... not only heavily crisped knock sensor wiring harness, but a rubber water hose running across the length of the block! I can't believe those engineers -- who had to know that the knock sensor harness was getting cooked in there -- decided to run a coolant hose there as well. What I found was a hose that crumbled with minimal manipulation. I could push a dull screwdriver through the wall like cutting through butter! Add that to the nearly impossible to reach spark plugs in the left bank, and I have to discard my belief that toyota/lexus knew what they were doing mechanically. Not!


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