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Vehile And Year To Buy Recommendations

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I am the happy owner of a 97 LS 400. I need to buy a new used car and am looking for a 330, 400 or a Toyota highlander. I sort of stumbled into the 97 LS400. I had a service manager at a Lexus dealer tell me to keep my car as long as possible. He said that by 97 they had all the "bugs" worked out of the car. Well I think Toyotas are great cars in general, but I do think that some years are probably better than others. So here is the question, I hope to get lots of comments. What year vehicles would you recommend or avoid and why? Thanks in advance for your input.

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I know the 04 (possibly 05 and 06) Rx330 had a transmission "jerk" issue, but i believe there was a TSB that could be performed to get rid of the issue. For 2007 they changed the Rx330 to the Rx350 with a bigger engine, improving acceleration somewhat from 0-60 in 7.8 seconds to 7.4 seconds. The 06-08 Rx400h had the same engine and hybrid system with "minimal" changes, all with a 0-60 time of 7.2 seconds (faster than both the Rx330 and Rx350).

Personally, i would go with the Rx400h over the Rx330, but compared with the Rx350, it might be a closer competition... All depends on what you want. I think all three are equally reliable, but the hybrid has a smoother and faster transmission.

For style, 07-08 for the Rx400h, or 07-09 for the Rx350. 04-06 Rx330 are all identical.

For the 2007 year, all were updated with a better nav screen (MUCH needed improvement), and for the 2008 year, all were modified with chrome exterior handles and nicer wheels. 2006 year Rx400h had silver interior trim, but for 07-08 it was updated to wood.

I wouldn't even consider the Toyota Highlander... completely different animal. It may be reliable, but isn't built as well as the Lexus'.

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