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How To Remove Gas Tank

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Hey everyone, i have a 93 es300, there is a gas leak coming from a rusted metal gas line that goes up and over the tank from what i can see. Im guessing the meta tube connects to the top of the fuel pump or something, but i need to remove the gas tank to even see for sure. I dont know how to remove the gas tank except for the two straps, and the tank is on top of the exhaust which seems difficult to wiggle out from under the car. Does anyone know how to remove the gas tank, or what the metal tube might be? thanks!

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Just from what you describe, it is obvious that you have little or no experience with automotive wrenching. What you are attempting to work on has the potential to explode and kill you at the least, if you don't handle it properly.

To get at the gas tank, the exhaust system that's in the way will have to be removed. On a car as old as yours, there is the potential that you'll need to torch the exhaust clamps off, which I'm betting you don't have, and have not been trained for. And that torching may have to be done near the gas tank. Experience is absolutely necessary in this case.

Yes, the tank straps hold the tank in place, and they will need to come off. Be prepared to have to replace them, if they are corroded to the point where using them again would not be safe.

And all of this is before the gas filler tube and vent tubes have to be dealt with, as well as the fuel line and return line, and the gas gauge wiring.

Your best bet is to either take the car to mechanic who can do the job for you. Please don't try this on your own without some competent guidance from someone who knows what he's doing. Good Luck!

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