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2002Ls430 Base Model Has Transmission Gasket Leak

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This question also Posted on Club Lexus.

2002 LS430 base model. 100k. Bought new and dealer serviced every 5k. Garaged, well maintained. Appears to have developed a slight ooze from the front of the transmission pan gasket. Have gotten a tad miffed at my local Lexus service dept, so am having an outside certified Lexus mechanic fix this problem.

For my general information, what besides the gasket and fluid replacement need doing? Filter, etc. Helpful hints, no-no's, etc would be appreciated.

Am not real familiar with the Lexus and Toyota and other recent transmissions. The last tranny I rebuilt was a 1953 Packard Ultramatic, but have serviced my own 454 GMC, 3800 Buick, and several manual VW's dating back to a 1959 beetle. So any comments would be appreciated.



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Well this may not apply to you as my LS is a 94. But some useful info from what I remember when I re-sealed my tranny pan. On the 94 the dip-stick tube attaches to the pan in one piece. It is kind of a b**** to wiggle out from it's postion as it is curved and attached to the tranny fluid pan in one piece. Before you can remove the tube you have to loosen two (I think) brackets holding the tube in place. The one that attaches up near the top of the engine block is tough to get to as you have to come at it from underneath. I removed the entire bracket, but you don't have to. From what I remember, I think you can just loosen it and the tube can be removed. Afterward I remember thinking "damn" cause the bracket was a son of a to put back on. Other than that, it was cleaning the pan out once removed and proper placement of the gasket ( I used a cork gasket instead of the form in place gasket). You'll need someone to assist putting it back on however as it is as tricky to wiggle the tube back into place along with the proper seal of the pan without moving the gasket around. Use a little vaseline in spots to hold the gasket in place. Good luck.

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