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Power Steering Pump

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Hi All,

Just want to let you know that about 8 years ago I rebuilt my power steering pump on my 1991 LS400. All I did was replaced the seals and the main bearing. I switched to synthetic oil after the rebuild and got 400,000 kilometers before I retired the car. I was also amazed at how easy the pump was to work on. No special tools or pullers were needed. I picked up another LS400 (2 months newer, with low kilometers) and rebuilt the power steering pump on that car before it started to leak. This time I decided not to replace the main bearing, because I think they last forever. The hardest part of the job is taking the pump out. This is a really a well engineered, long lasting, pump. I think the only real problem that caused these pumps to leak in the first place was that it was mounted too close to the engine where it is very hot. This caused the seals to get hard and brittle. They must have come up with a better material for the newer seals because of the life I got out of the first rebuild. FYI Daffy

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