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broken lexus

What O2 Sensor Do I Get For B2S2

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Hi, I'm new to the forum so sorry if i'm not doing this right. I have a 2002 GS300 and I'm getting a P0161 error code that's telling me that my o2 senor bank 2, sensor 2 is having problems. I'm getting a little confused here and was hoping someone could help me get this straitened out. Does my car have 4 o2 senors (bank 1 sensor 1&2, bank 2 sensors 1&2) and how do I find out which one is b2s2? In a post on this forum was recommended. It looks like they would have what I need but which one is for replacing b2s2, Pre-cat Cyl 1-3, Pre-cat Cyl 4-6, Post-cat Cyl 1-3 or Post-cat Cyl 4-6? Any help would be appreciated.

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Denso partno:

(1,2,3 precat) Bank 1 Sensor 1: 234-4048

(1,2,3 postcat) Bank 1 Sensor 2: 234-4626

(4,5,6 precat) Bank 2 Sensor 1: 234-4630

(4,5,6 postcat) Bank 2 Sensor 2: 234-4603

Bank 2 Sensor 2; under the car (cable under passenger floorboard carpet).

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