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P0302 Trouble Code On My Gs430

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A couple weeks back, i was driving for a while(car was warmed up) and all of a sudden, the check engine light began blinking, as well as i noticed a couple cylinders missfiring. i checked with the ob2 and the code read p0302. since then, i switched the #1 & #2 coils and spark plugs. the problem is still there. if i floor it, the missfiring seems to go away. but once i let my foot off the gas, it instantly starts missfiring again. only once the car has warmed up does it have this problem. it's gotten a lot worse, too. please clue me in- i can't afford a trip to the dealer!

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As the problem concentrates on one cylinder, I suggest you start with the next:

- injector faulty when warming up (low/erratic pressure, when letting go of gas/idling)

- compression test cylinder

- unlikely, but worth a check, a faulty plug-cable.

When it's the injector, a cleaning additive might help.

There are a lot of other possibilities too, but then some more codes would be involved I suppose..

* Incorrect ignition timing

* Vacuum leak(s)

* Low or weak fuel pressure

* Improperly functioning EGR system

* Defective Mass Air Flow Sensor

* Defective Crankshaft and/or Camshaft Sensor

* Defective Throttle Position Sensor

* Mechanical engine problems (i.e.—low compression, leaking head gasket(s), or valve problems

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