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Gauges And Dash Lights Wont Work And Car Dies.

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Okay I have a 1999 es300. A few weeks ago the inner fender on the front passenger side fell off while driving and because of that all the wires were hanging down on top of the tire. Taped the wires up into the fender and everything seemed fine. The other day the car died while driving and all the lights and gauges stopped working. I got out and the wires had fallen back down onto the top of the tire. We boosted it off and finally got in running again, went and had the battery and alternator checked, both good. The car was running fine, but the gauge cluster wasn't working, no lights nor needles moving on the gauges. The radio and air worked though. The car sat for a week and now wont start without a boost and then dies after taking off the booster box. still nothing from the gauges. What do yall think? I have a new inner fender for it, but I was wondering if the wires hanging down could have caused this problem? Alternator? I have no clue.

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