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Please Help... 98 Ls Won't Accelerate


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So, for a while now I've been experiencing a low idle so yesterday I put some Seafoam in my gas tank to help clean my fuel system a little. This morning as I was trying to head to work I got to a stop sign and got ready to take off but the car didn't budge. The Check Engine and VSC lights came on. After tpying with the pedal a little I realized that if I push it in almost to the floor then the car with then start to get a little fuel. I managed to get home like that which was only about a half mile away. Once I got home I turned the car off then turned it back on and the problem was gone. Did it again and again and after a couple of times the accelerator would not engage again. Turn the car off then back on and now it's engaging again. I'm going to try to get it scanned later today if I can make it to Advance auto but I'm curious has anyone seen this before of could lend some advice. Thanks in advance!

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How much fuel was in the tank when you added the magic cure all elixir? If the tank was low maybe just fill up the tank with good grade premium fuel to dilute the seafoam further.

Low or erratic idle is usally either or both; dirty throttle body, or dirty or sticking IACV. Plenty of posts here to tell you how to clean these. A very common problem for these cars.

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