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Saved $225 On A Side View Mirror Switch

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I couldn't adjust my side view mirrors anymore on my 2003 LS430, and the mirrors wouldn't tilt down when transmission was placed in reverse. I knew it wasn't the mirrors because when I would push my seat memory button, they would adjust to their predetermined position.

What I did was open the coin tray so I could have access to pull out the little panel housing the mirror switch. The panel is just held in with pressure clips. I went ahead into the kitchen where I have plenty of light and a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Now the switch itself is pretty the back there are two small screws that need to be removed. It is not necessary to take the front section apart, where the actual switch is, just the back section where the connector pins are. You'll need a small flat head to separate the rear section because of the friction tabs. I initially used contact cleaner to clean the grease off of the contacts and didn't apply any grease because the cleaner has it's own lubricant. I put it together put it back in the car and it "tried" to work. I sipped a few more shots then remove the switch and took it apart again. This time I used rubbing alcohol and a Qtip. I cleaned all gold contacts and the rocker contact. Let it dry, put it together, installed it! This switch is functioning like I just bought it. The reverse tilting feature now works too, just remember to keep the mirror switch in the left or right position, not the center position. This whole task should only take you 15-20 minutes, including the whiskey. Now you won't have to tithe $225 to your local dealer.

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I have this problem too. I originally assumed it was the motors on the mirror getting jammed and stalling out. Using the seat memory button was the clue the outside mechanism was fine.

An old electronics technician trick to clean gold contacts is to rub them with a soft pencil eraser. That will rub off any film but not damage the gold. A quick rinse with rubbing alcohol is the final step.

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