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Scratch On New Es330 Steering Wheel


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My brand new ES 330 came with a scratch on the steering wheel which stares me in the face when I get in the car.

Also nowadays I use a water bottle in the recepticle to the right of the drivers seat, but they made it not low enough to the floor so that when I'm steering my arm brushes the top of the water bottle. My loaner car, the RX 330 has no such problem. I'm going to try buying "short" small water bottles to use instead. But how in the world did they not know about this? We don't all use a small coffee cup on the side.

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If the car came with a scratch on the steering wheel then Lexus DEFINATELY should replace it under warranty...

What kind of scratch is it, is it through the epoxy into the base wood or is it just a surface scratch?

Lexus cupholders are notoiously bad lol, they try, and they get better every year, but its just not quite there...

On my dad's old 98 LS the cupholders would only hold cans of coke...

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My 04 330 is in the shop since yesterday. They are replacing a seat which had what looked to be a little pin hole in the seat cushion. Really hard to see and could barely feel it but they said no problem we will order you a new one which they did.

The other thing that they are doing and why it is taking so long is they are claying the car (already posted about this) since they missed it previously. Found out that they use a detail shop to do their car detailing. The time to clay is not really time consuming but the washing, polishing and waxing take time. BTW they do this by hand no swirls....

Can't wait to get the car back today, have two baggies in the car for the grit test. One other thing they gave me a brand new RX330 as a loaner. This bad boy has everything on it, really sweet. I wanted this model for the wife to test drive which she did last night. She really liked it but still wants to check out the escalade pickups, go figure.

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