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My 06 Lx470 Makes A Thunk Sound When Stopping Then Starting

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My lx 470 makes a thunk sound when stopping then starting. Has anyone had this problem and do they know the fix for it ? the dealer has checked the drivetrain and says it is ok

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Sounds like the famous "Clunk" issue. Toyota actually issued a TSB (technical service bulletin) for it back in 2006, but then updated it in 2008. It basically involves the dealer replacing the drive shaft. Now I think there is a new propeller shaft assembly.

This was for the GX 470, but I am pretty sure other models like the LX, RX and a few others experience the same thing. People were saying that if you have less than 70K (?) the dealer does it for free.

For a temporary solution (if that is what this problem is), you can try greasing the drive shaft, a lot of people reported that the problem then goes away for 3K - 10K miles depending.

Here is a link showing the lube points.

Look at the bottom of this page, there is a good explanation about possible Clunk causes.

I am attaching the TSB I found for the Clunk, & also another one about vibration.



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