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Rx300 Transmission Oil Change


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The 1999 & 2000 RX300 AWD are basically the same car with the same transmission,


The 99 owner's manual doesn't mention the interval for transmission oil change


The 2000 owner's manual claimmed that transmission oil doen't need to be changed at all as long as the RX300 is driven under normal condition.

Does the anyone know, where is the filling hole for the front differential?

Also, does the center-viscous-coupling (center differential) need to have its silicon oil changed, or is it maintenance free?

Appreciate any advise.


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I went through the same pain with my wife's new-to-her 2002 AWD. Turns out, the transmission oil is synthetic, so you probably don't really *have* to change it. I seem to recall the front differential shares the transmission fluid. I found two drain plugs, but only one filler, so I know one of them is connected. :P Also, I don't know what special tool is necessary to get the drain loose for what appears to be the front diff, but I wound up sucking the juice out the fill hole. The handheld vacuum pump comes in handy, again.

I changed the T-case oil, as the fluid looked/smelled like regular ol' heavy weight gear oil, so Mobil 1 gear oil went back in. It was the same stuff as what came out of the rear diff, and nothing has blown up, yet, so I figure all is good.

It's been a while since I've been under there, so....

Do a search for "front diff and T-case" and you'll see where a fellow lister bailed me out when I looked at it and went, "huh?!"

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The VC is hermetically sealed and not serviceable in the field.

There is no modern day transmission fluid nor diff'l fluid/lube that needs to be replaced nor replenished in the normal scheme of things. It might be a good idea to replace the filter and clean the clutch lining wear debris from the pan at about 100k or so. Obviously that would involve replacing at least some of the fluid.

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Thanks for the advises.

Does anyone knows, where are the filling holes for the front differential and for the transmission.

I believe, 99 RX300 AWD use Toyota Type IV transmission oil,


for the front differential, they use gear oil GL5 90W.

Therefore there should be 2 filling holes.



Location: Los Angeles

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I have a '99 RX300 and tow a tent trailer during the summer. I replace all fluids after camping season is over. As far as I know, the transmission and xfer case share the same casing, but each have a drain plug. I drain the transmission and the xfer case in the same drain pan, measure it and add the same quantity of Type-IV Toyota tranny fluid. I know that I don't completely drain it because some will stay in the torque converter. The fluid looks very burgundy every spring and very browny before I change it every fall. I replace both drain gaskets and fillup the fluid through the dip stick tube.

I also drain both differentials at least every two years.

Good luck


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You can change almost any tranny fluid with a external cooler like the rx.

Just disconnect the lines once the tranny is hot from the cooler an put one to a drain pan and another to a large conatiner of new fluid. it will siphon all of it out easily with no machines.

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