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2010 Lexus Rx350

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My 4th Gen IPOD Nano works but the Gen 5 freezes and gives an error message. Service dept couldn't figure it out so set up a service appoinment to get Lexus tech involved. It might be that the new menu has an additional option for the video camera. Anyone else have any experience good or bad with the g5 Nano?

I have Nav and have some other issues with the system design.

1. To see what song is playing you have to drill down into the menu several steps. Hitting the USB button flashes a header on the nav but it's useless info like IPOD and the track number. I'd really like to see the song and title either flash as a header as a new song starts or make it available when you hit the USB button. When you change the temps it shows you the settings, also fan speed etc.

2. There is no search function yet we have a hard drive. With 3000 songs it's not practical to scan alphabetically until you get to a song.

The vehicle is so well designed it almost seems like the sound system got overlooked.

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Had my vehicle into the service department and they confirmed with the factory that there is a problem with the Lexus software. I think it's related to the new menu item for the camera. The Gen 5 works with the early model 2010 RX 350 but not those released in the last few months. They couldn't fix mine so it's up for call back when Lexus gets it right.

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