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10% Off Autopia On All Detailing Products

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Love detailing your ride?

We have managed to get 10% off all detailing products at Autopia Car Care.

About 5 years ago I bought a Car Care Kit from Autopia and to this day still use the same products, especially the cleaning cloths. The quality was fantastic. I have negotiated 10% off all their products for all LLexus Owners Club members. The links below carry the 10% discount so no need for voucher codes.

my recommendation are the kits, the cloths last for years too!

Get that Ultimate Shine on your Lexus

Step-by-step car polishing instructions, you will find everything you need for top quality car care here. A true car detailing resource for people who love their cars. Get real professional detailing products for that ultimate shine.

Using the link below club members will get 10% off... great for LOC members! Enjoy!

How to Wash your Lexus

How to Clay your Lexus

How to Wax your Lexus

How to clean your windshield on your Lexus

Essential Car Detailing Accessories

Ultima Car Care Beats Zaino Brothers

Auto Detailing Chemicals

How-To Safely Polish Your Car!

Microfiber Towel Car Detailing Products

Detailing Car Clay - Detailing Your Car's Paint

Klasse Car Wax User's Guide

When and How To Use a Dual Action Car Polisher

Detail Clay and Your Car's Paint

Comparing Microfiber Towels

Uses For Detailing Clay

Proper Klasse Application

The True Cost of Car Wax and Sealants

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