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Looking for suggestions on where to possibly place a cell phone mount. Pictures would be great! any good alternate power source suggestions?

Where you mount your phone may depend on whether it is one that interferes with your radio when it is close to it. If you are going to use a charging cradle that attaches the phone to an external antenna and turns off the phone's internal antenna then you wouldn't have to worry about interference. Some phones cause a Morse Code-like sound when near a car radio head unit.

Kuda makes a leather phone console specifically for your 2010 RX350:

The cradle mounted on the Kuda RX phone console in the above photos appears to be one from Bury which supplies Lexus with cradles for the Bluetooth Complementary Kit sold by Lexus and Toyota dealers in Europe. The cradles are interchangeable and snap into a "base plate" attached to the phone console but they are not available for all phones. The cradles have an external antenna connection which turns off the internal antenna on most phones. Bury products are often on eBay -- the Bury System 9 is the product most similar to the Lexus Complementary Kit.

Kuda phone consoles are nice quality. The one in my 00 LS matches my interior color almost perfectly.

A phone/GPS bracket maker I've bought several products from is Pro.Fit:

Even though they may not list a bracket specifically for your model year, one for other model years may fit.

The phone cradles in our cars are wired into the ignition systems. I hardwired our portable GPS units into the accessory circuit. If I was doing it today, I would probably use an "add-a-circuit" connector at the underdash fusebox -- they are made for powering add-on electronics. Photos of a Kuda phone console and Pro.Fit brackets and more informatio about how the devices are wired in our cars are in my gallery on this forum.

A side photo of the Kuda console in my car is on the Kuda website:

They needed a photo of the console in a US spec LS400 w/o nav so I sent them one.

Edit: I just noticed a photo of the Bluetooth Complementary Kit for the 2010 RX on the Lexus U.K. website ... photo attached.


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I bought the following cell phone holder for my iPhone 6S:

Cellet Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Mount for iPhones, iPods, Smartphones, MP3 Players, GPS Systems - Retail Packaging

by Cellet
And placed it into the cup holder on the left side of steering wheel, under the left air vent.
It has worked perfectly for me.  
You should check your local motor vehicle code for when you can mount cellphone, gps, etc...: in my state you can't mount anything onto the windshield - you can get a ticket for this violation.

Cellet phone holder.jpg

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Mine stays in my purse.   I don't use my phone while I drive.   I stream my music and talk via Bluetooth.   Neither one requires me touching my phone.

I love my car too much to wreck it.

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I bought a little sticky mounting pad that holds my radar dectector.   Maybe you would like something like this.   Holds it like glue.   If you look on Amazon, there is one that is specifically for phones.



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Nice to see some possible solutions here.  My wife just got a 2010 RX350, base model, so no Navigation System and no Back Up Camera.  I want to add both of those to the car.  I'm looking at the Garmin setup since I can handle both functions with one screen.  They have decent navigation packages and their wireless back-up camera looks okay if not great.   I like the Kudausa GPS mount and will probably go with that.  

My question is, considering the utterly idiotic location of the power outlets, has anyone had a power outlet added to the dash area so you can power your GPS or whatever without running cables like a 3rd world country?  

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