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i have a 2003 es 300 the other day the check engine light came on and it was running fine then steam was coming out from under the hood from the hose into the overflow bottle i pulled over called triple a it has been in the shop for 4 days they replaced the thermostat still over heating its funny that the temp gauge doesn't go to hot at all. when its cold it runs great then heats up and the car wont idle, the shop pressure tested the system its ok is there a sensor on the ps pump to check

any help would be great

thank you

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How do you know it is overheating if the temp gauge doesn't reach the top? Is it still pushing coolant out of the system and steaming? Are you losing any coolant?

For one thing, it sounds like you have a bad coolant temp sensor. Is it possible that they put in the T-Stat backwards?

The toyota dealer put 2 T-stats in my wife's Sienna before diagnosing a warped head. Fortunately that one was under warranty.

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