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New Alternator Problems

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I put a rebuilt alternator on my 91 LS 2 days ago and it worked for about a day and a half and my warning lights came back on again, same scenario as before I put alternator on; -parking brake light, battery light, low radiator light, seat belt light but not CEL.. Could this be a short somewhere, checked all cables and connections and everything seems OK. When the problem first happened, when the warning lights came on I could increase the RPMs and they would go out and stay out until the car would be idling or driving very slow. This time no matter what the RPMs are the lights stay on.. I really am confused and need any kind of input please...Thanks, Bobby

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When you removed the original faulty alternator did you check for power steering fluid contamination as this is a common cause (leaking O ring seal on the PS reservoir)of alternator failure.

If you have a digital voltmeter check the voltage with the engine off,then at tickover and then at higher revs the voltage should increase across the battery terminals as the revs rise if it remains the same you have no charge.(see info on the link)

Did the replacement come with a warranty? If so take it back for testing and if proved faulty have it replaced again.

Recheck all wiring including the main engine to body ground points and battery connections.

Is the battery in good order? There have been cases with similar symptoms that have been due to the battery being on its way out.

There is a 100 Amp fuse in the engine compartment fuse box sometimes these blow during battery/lead replacement unlikely as it worked for a day but it costs nothing to pull the cover and check.

This may help you

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