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Brake Pad Wear Limit Warning Light

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If memory serves, and this is all based on previous readings, when the brake pads are worn out the electrical connection between the sensor and the warning light is severed triggering the warning light and so the solution is to replace the sensor/s which come with the appropriate wiring. This is something ideally done at the point where the pads are replaced. (for future reference, if possible, it is obviously cheaper not to let the pads get that low - I changed mine when only 10% was left on the pads and the sensors were still intact and did not require replacement). I do not know whether it is economical to replace the sensors - the sensor for my windshield wiper fluid went recently and Lexus informed me that the new sensor would cost £200 (British pounds) - at that price I enjoy looking at the low windshield wiper fluid warning light! As for the brake pads light - do you really need it? Here, in the UK, every time I take the car into Lexus or other garage they automatically inform me as to the condition of the brake pads!

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A brake pad wear sensor is about $50 and easy to replace. There is one sensor on one of the front brakes and one sensor on one of the rear brakes - I forgot which side ... would have to look at my repair manual. I usually wait until a sensor triggers the warning light (message on my 00 LS) in order to milk as much life as possible out of the pads. Brake pads on these things last a long time. Front brake pads on my 00 LS were replaced for the first time at about 73,000 miles. My rear brake pads were recently changed for the first time during the 120,000 mile service.

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