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Hello guys!

I need to replace my tires ASAP, car is the 06 GS300 AWD.

Went to , when I chose the tires, it gave me this warning:

Important Notes:

"OE Dunlop SP5000M DSST CTT has a very large OD (27.1) appearance compared to 225/50-17 tires (25.9). The OE Dunlop tire uses CTT technology, that conforms the tread to 25.9 under static load. Replacing Dunlop with other 225/50-17 tires will look shorter, but are proper OD for vehicle electronics. Using larger OD tires to match Dunlop cosmetically will have adverse effects on vehicle electronics"

What does that mean? I am not buying the OE Dunlops. I am buying the same size thou, 225/50 R17.

Can I buy whatever brand with no problem? WHy the warning then?


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Also, looking at the manual

"When replacing the tires and wheels, be sure to install tire

pressure warning valves and transmitters. ID codes on the tire

pressure warning valves and transmitters are registered on the

tire pressure warning ECU. When replacing a tire pressure

warning valve and transmitter, it is necessary to register the ID

code of tire pressure warning valve and transmitter. Have the

ID code registered by your Lexus dealer."

Where do I get the pressure warning valves and trasmitters?

How do I register that ID code? I am not talking it to a dealer

I have all these questions cause its my first time with a TPMS, so

I would like to know what to do, what`s the procedure.

If I put 225/55`s, will they rub the fenders?

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