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92 Es300 Cam And Cranks Gear Removal

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I'm trying to replace the water pump in my 92 Lexus ES300. I'm down to removing the 2 cam pulleys(spoked) and the crankshaft pulley(flat with two mounting holes for the puller). For the crankshaft pulley, I put the wheel back on and left the car in 1st gear and used a breaker bar on it. But there's still too much give in the CV joint. I didn't want to break anything.

I read elsewhere here about the starter-bump trick. I'm gonna try that tomorrow...but sounds dangerous to me...tho I'm desperate.

Someone also said the you can get the waterpump off without taking the cam pulleys off...can someone verify that?

I've attached two pics.

Thanks for the help.



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I tried the engine bumping trick. I broke the 3/8 breaker bar drive tab doing this. Tried a half inch breaker bar and socket. It just holds the crankshaft... won't loosen the bolt. Charged them all off.

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