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Do you need information for an article or are you interested in purchasing one?

If you're trying to write an article i'd say my hybrid (Rx400h) is GREAT. It's fun to be able to creep on people in parking lots with the silence of only the electric motors, the addition of the electric motors gives it better acceleration than the standard gas-only version (the Rx350) and it gets better gas mileage.

But in reality, the gas engine kicks in as soon as you hit 5mph, the hybrid RX is only 0.2 seconds faster from 0-60 than the standard gas-only Rx350 (bringing it to 7.2 seconds vs the 7.4 seconds of the Rx350), and the hybrid RX only gets ~5mpg better than the standard gas-only Rx350. AND, it costs about $5,000 more.

I'd only suggest the Rx400h (over the Rx350) to someone who enjoys being "different", likes the 2/10ths of a second difference from 0-60 (which isn't that much...) and likes to say they drive a "hybrid SUV". The increase in gas mileage isn't financially justifiable, since it would take years and YEARS of driving before you could make up the difference in sticker price. And Lexus didn't change the "look" of the Rx400h, it's the SAME body design as the Rx350, just with a different front bumper and grille. But one nice thing about the Lexus hybrids is the use of the CVT transmission, working the same way as any other automatic transmission, without the 'feel' and 'sound' of the gears turning over. The sound is completely linear and you don't feel any jolts...

The other Lexus hybrid models are the HS250h and the GS450h. The HS is a little toy, just a Prius with a different exterior and cheaply made interior. The GS450h on the other hand is something to brag about. It's the same body design as it's gas-only versions (the GS350 or GS460) just FASTER. But like the RX hybrid, the GS hybrid gets very little increase in MPG, and the increase in 0-60 time is yet again only 0.2 seconds, bringing it to 5.2 seconds vs 5.4 seconds of the GS350 or GS460. Lexus calls the GS450h a "performance hybrid" as it mainly focuses on power rather than gas mileage. The HS250h is DEFINITELY not a performance hybrid, as its main focus is on getting better gas mileage... however still not as good as it's little sister, the Prius.

And OH... there's also the RX450h which has replaced the Rx400h for 2010. It's the same body style as the 2010 version of the Rx350, which is the #1 reason why i personally hate it. The 2010 RX design is horrible, absolutely horrible. The lines are all messed up, it's got a very fat @ss and the interior... i won't even go there.

Is there any particular hybrid you're interested in getting information on?

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