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Jon Ross

Front End Noise

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Hey guys,

I have a 99 GS300 and only when I hit some decent bumps there is a banging noise that comes from what seems to be the right front wheel. It's not hard banging, but you can hear it in the car. I pulled everything off, shook the car, pulled and pushed on everything and could not replicate the sound. Only when I drive and hit some decent bumps i can hear it. On normal bumps and dips you can't hear anything at all. I have a new upper control arm and replaced the hub bearing and it's still there. I went under the car and put a wrench on all the bolts i could and it's still there.

Before I go further, is there a common part that can cause this noise on these cars, or someplace I should focus on first? I appreciate any help I can get.

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Manually pulling and pushing parts won't always provide for the necessary G's, as you state it only happens when you hit a decent bump.

There are some usual suspects to investigate:

- worn upper strut mount (perhaps need tightening)

- worn lower ball joint(s) and/or outer tie rods.

- 'loose' sway bar bolts

- worn engine and/or tranny mounts

Does the noise also occur when you hit a decent bump and brake?

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Yeah, applying the brakes doesn't make it stop, so I counted out the caliper and bracket. I double checked the bolts anyway. I checked both uppper strut mounts and they were tight. Someone else mentioned the sway bar end links and bolts, so I will check that tomorrow. Think I might also just go ahead and replace the lower ball joint while I'm there.

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I'll tell you what. I've had this problem since I first got my GS. I get mine when going in and out of a parking spot; basically it feels like when I apply the brakes that my pass side caliper it 'activating' before my driver side does. I've changed out:

- All brake pads

- Slide pins on the caliper

- Front sway bar bushings with daizen bushings

- Rear sway bar bushings with daizen bushings

- Front end bushings with daizen bushings

- Steering rack bushings with daizen bushings

- Brand new lower control arm #1's on each side with daizen bushings

- New rotors all around

- New upper front control arms

- New front outer toe control rods

- New front lower ball joint

- New inner tie rods

- New oem brake fit kits both front and rear

I can't even remember the rest but basically most of my parts are brand spanking new. I even have new parts in the rear. I changed out my suspension with full coilovers, etc.

I realized when I changed my brakes the noise went away for a bit then came back.

I've tightened all bolts to spec using lexus manuals, etc and still have the issue. I've read alot and some say its a floating caliper/braking system design and that the stock/oem pads are made to counteract this.

I'm going to check it one more time before I sell the car because its driving me insane.

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