'99 Rx300 Electrical/computer Issues? Brake Lights, Alarm, Etc

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I have a '99 RX300 with about 104k miles.

I am having a number of electrical issues that I assume are somehow they are, I believe in order of appearance:

1) The indicator light on the dashboard came on showing that a rear brake light was out. We discovered it was the hatch door brake light. Changed it and it was fine for awhile, but it started going out again. Sometimes would temporarily work if we jiggled it. Then it would go out again, then work, then not, etc. Now it does not work at all (although we've given up on the jiggling).

2) The emergency brake light comes on, dings, etc. at random times even when the emergency brake is off. Sometimes the light is on all the time, sometimes it flashes randomly. Sometimes the warning 'ding' happens a couple of times, sometimes it happens constantly, occasionally not at seems to occur mostly during extreme temperatures/weather - very hot, very cold, very rainy (it's been happening a lot since it's been REALLY hot here and rainy). It goes away for the most part when the weather is mild (at least it has in the past)

3) My wife and I have both been having problems with our remote keys - we both got new batteries put in, but we often have to press the buttons several times to get it to lock/unlock the car. Sometimes it ends up not working at all. This is random though - for the most part they work ok.

4) A couple of times the lcd display has gone out - this has happened only a couple of times - and it doesn't go out completely, just most of the info it usually displays (time, temp, mileage, etc). I think it continues to display the radio/cd info

5) In the last couple of days, the car alarm has started going off randomly. We turn it off and it goes off again.

6) Also in the last couple of days, all the windows randomly open automatically. Last night during a thunderstorm, we discovered that all the windows had gone

7) the inside of our car is wet

Right now all of these things are going on. It has been extremely hot here and we've had several electrical storms - so I don't know if this is adding to the problems, but if anyone has a suggestion of what it is and potential cost, it would be MUCH appreciated!



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I'm having almost the same issues. Alarm going off randomly, engines fans coming on when car is parked, headlights also. Windows won't go down from drivers door controls. Please let me know if you figure anything out and I will do the same. I already replaced my battery.

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I would look closely at your ground cables to make sure they are not corroded. Sounds like a bad ground or poor battery connections to me.

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