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Just found out thatwhile replacing the wheel bearing in my gorgeous ES300 (2000 model) the mechanic snapped the steering knuckle. he claims it's just bad luck and that i should have to pay for it. To make matters worse, it's a genuine Lexus part, which is;

a) Expensive.

B) will take two weeks to arrive in Sydney from Japan.

My question is this: Should I have ti pay for the part? And should the mechanic's insurance supply me with a courtesy car?

:cries: Stephen

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Appearently your mechanic thinks there's a 'S' engraved on your forehead..

There is something like reasonable 'damage', when having parts repaired or replaced and also the state of parts before servicing. For example, when your exhaust is extremely corroded, you can expect, and within reason, that other related parts may be damaged in the process.

However, from a juridical point of view, 'bad luck' isn't always a valid reason. Your mechanic needs to prove or at least give some reasonable doubt, that this specific damage can occur in relation to replacing a wheelbearing.

When he can't explain, this might indicate that the damage was caused by nonchalance or carelessness. Make some inquiries at other repairshops to verify the possibility of this damage. When it's doubtful, you have some good grounds to take it a step further.

Speak to them first, but If they won't take ownership or make you an acceptable offer, make them accountable by registered letter and let them know you are taking it to a lawyer. If they are a bit sensible, they know that 'bad luck' reasons won't fly in court. If you don't want to take it to justice, threaten them anyway.

Parts that travel 2 weeks are often not a reason for insurance to compensate or provide a loaner for that period. It depends on their level of accommodation. Contact your own insurance as well, they might add something too.

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I would ask the mechanic to explain what happened before passing judgement. Looking at your location "Pearl Beach" exactly how close to the beach do you live? I used to work as a mechanic in Hawaii, more than one car came in that we refused to work on due to corrosion. The salt air can destroy a car in short order. I remember one car in particular that looked fine when I drove it onto the lift, once on the lift I was shocked. The underside of the car was a rust bucket.

It is possible that the mechanic was not really at fault, or at least maybe if rust was a issue he should have called you first and made you aware of the risks involved.

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Share on other sites If the mechanic broke the steering knuckle while performing other work on the vehicle...he should replace the knuckle at no cost to you. Ask him if you pulled into his shop's parking lot an accidentally drove through the front office. Would that just be "bad luck" and would he not expect you to repair the damage you did to his property?

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