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Vsc And Temperature Sensor

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I have a 2007 ES350 that was rebuilt up from a disatrous accident. I've had it for 3 years nos and I noticed, at first that when it rained the VSC signal showed an error. As soon as dry whether came back, the problem went away. So, having alittle experience from rebuilt cars, I figured that the guy who rebuilt this one, as often is the case, didn't fix a connector somewhere and water/humidity is getting in and corroding the contacts. Recently, I am experiencing the same problem with my outside temperature sensor. The temp will show --F or even worse, all kinds of numbers from -21F to 6F, etc. Needless to say, that causes the heating system to some on in the middle of the summer!!!

So my question is, does anybody have a circuit diagram of the VSC control or is there a main multi-pin connector that goes to a computer block somewhere which is used for these functions? Where is it??

Any help is appreciated.



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