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Rx330 Atf Fluid Levela

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My question is this...for my RX330, I had a heck of a time getting the fluid to the right level. For instance, I measured specifically what exactly was drained, and put that exact amount in, and now, when the engine and trans are completely cool, the ATF level is an inch and a half over the "HOT" notch on the dipstick...I notice that the transmission, when cold, shifts abruptly but then when it warms up, it is as smooth as it always was...

I honestly can't remember before I changed the fluid if the trans shifted abruptly when cold or not...that's what happens when you get old.

Bottom line: Do I have too much fluid in this unit???

On a level surface, at operating temperature, and while the engine idleing, the ATF fluid level is right at the highest notch of the "HOT" reading, EXACTLY. Which leads me to believe I am good to go.

My "over the top and maybe reading in too much" question is: Why is my level a good inch or so above the HOT level when the engine is COLD??? There must be a purpose for the "Cold" level on the dipstick...

Thoughts appreciated,


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In a word, gravity. When your vehicle sits in the garage or driveway, most of the ATF drains down into the pan. That is why the vast majority of vehicles' ATF dipsticks always read too full when the ATF is cold. Once you're out driving, the ATF warms up and spreads out to do its job - lubrication....

From what you've described, I'd say that your current fluid level is pretty close to where it should be. Continue to check it periodically to be sure....

And yes, these RX transmissions shift harshly when cold. Takes 3 or 4 miles to warm them up properly regardless of the outside temperature. One of my pet peeves against these vehicles....

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