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Pcv Valves And You


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this is more of a fix than a question. I am just throwing it up here in case anyone else has the same symptoms:

change your pcv valve every once in awhile.

ever since i got my 92 i had this odd behavior where the engine would hesitate badly when the engine was cold.

when it got to normal operating temperature, the problem went away. since it went away i could rule out a lot of normal loss of power things like air filter/intake etc.

well it turns out it was the dang pcv valve. it must have been stuck open when the engine was cold (it was kind of dirty inside when i took it out) and then when the block heated up enough the crud in there loosened up enough for it to function.

i put a new one in and the problem went away immediately.

so needless to say, i am happy that a $3 part fixed a serious loss of power :cheers:

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I recently replaced mine with one that I bought new from Advance Auto Parts for somewhere around $5. It was solid plastic as opposed to the stock one having a metal base and being obviously constructed much better. Anyhow, the new one makes alot of noise and I'm wondering if all PCV's are created equal or if there's another one out there that doesn't do this? I would mention brand name but I can't remember it and my car's still in the shop for the transmission.

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if the valve is making a vibrating noise i would replace it.

actually, this happened to me as well and when i had the bad one in it was running like crap.

i put a purolator one in which seemed to be a lot flimsier than both the original one and the 3rd one i used.

i believe the 3rd one is from deutch.

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Just recently replaced my PCV valvle and rubber grommet. It was hard as h@## to remove. Dry hard OEM very snug grommet hardens and is hard to pull out. Used a flat head screw driver to lift old hard grommet and worked it around vavle. Had to use wrench as leverage to pry up the grommet all around while rotating the valve. Breaking a couple grommet peices off, it took a lot of force to pull both valve and grommet up and out.

After 100K miles on car, the old OEM valve sounded ok after shaking it. Replaced it anyways after all that work.

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