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#$@^%%^& Rear Cupholder

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Hey everyone,

So yesterday I took a trip in the 02 RX300 and my clumsy brother was in the back. Within 2 minutes he seems to have smashed the rear cupholder in the middle of the rear bench seat to pieces (not even sure how b/c he must have opened it to bread it with his feet). Anyway they are asking, GET READY FOR THIS, 124.00 for this plastic piece of garbage at my Lexus dealer!!! I laughed when the guy said "oh it is that much", and I told him it looks like something that should cost 3.99 at pepboys (which is suprising to me b/c of how high quality everything else is in the car).

Anyway, the cheapest I have found online is about 80.00 at but the thought of paying 80 bucks for this thing that I never use seems like a waste. I know you may be thinking, well if you don't use it why fix it, and that is just a thing with me, I don't care that I don't use it I want it fixed. And yes my brother should pay for it, but he won't, just the way he is. I checked a junk yard but the guy said there were only like 12 of these cars nationwide in his system and provided no help to getting a used one. Any ideas on finding one reasonably priced? Thanks in advance!

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You should be able to remove the whole assembly from any 01-03 Rx300, just make sure the color is the same as yours (only two options are tan or black). Find a junked 01-03 Rx300 with a rear seat, and it's there. Most junkyards wont list "rear cup holder" as they most likely don't know how to remove it from the rear seat itself (but it just comes off with screws).

The 99-00 Rx300's don't have that cupholder, so avoid these years.

Go to and search for year 2004, lexus rx300. Then select seat,rear 2nd, then hit ok. Then it will ask for year range, so put in 01-03. Then email any of the people that have an 01-03 rear seat in your color if they will sell you the cupholder separately. It's worth a shot. This site allows you to search junked cars all over the country.

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