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Floating Suspension! Urgent


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I love my ES330, and I love its ride. :rolleyes: BUT: Two months ago my office moved, and I now have to drive through the "mixing bowl" south of Washington, D.C. It is now under construction...for 6 or 8 years (I'm not kidding - I don't know why L.A. can fix its highways in a matter of months after a big earthquake, but here in D.C....). :chairshot:

The suspension was just fine for my prior commute. However, going through the mixing bowl (north/south) is another story. Its lots of turns at irregular angles over varied elevations at 60-70 mph (not the speed limit, just what people drive). Under these conditions the suspension floats too much. :(

What I would like to do is a minor modification to the suspension to give me a bit more control and less float. I'm not looking to turn my can into a G35. I would have bought a G35 if that was what I wanted. I just want to get some of the float out of the suspension and get a bit more control.

I'd be thankful for any suggestions. Its getting hairy out there.


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my first thought would be to go to an 18 wheel. That will give some lateral stability and tighter corners. HOWEVER, if you a venturing in to construction areas, then the road conditions must be deplorable and that would be detrimental to the wheel itself as it has less tire to absorb impact from road hazards and debris.

I am in the exact same predicament in Boston with the famed "Big Dig". I stay away from there with my 18s on.


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In general, I'd say upgrade your shocks and springs. Twisties can also benefit from sway bars. steviej already mentioned the wheels but it sounds like you should stay with stockies if you are concerned about potential damage.

That said, I don't know enough about ES aftermarket parts to recommend specific brand/product. I assume you want the ride to remain as luxurious/lexus-like as possible while reducing the float at the same time. You will lose some of the lexus ride but you can find a good compromise point.

If you had a GS, I'd know what to suggest for you. The best I can do is to suggest areas to upgrade and hopefully an ES member can give specifics. Also, it would be good to convey your budget. That may guide the other members to give you more informed suggestions.

Good luck.

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