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Valve Cover Gasket And Coolant From Intake Manifold

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I was told to drain the radiator because the intake manifold has coolant running thru it...because you dont want to get water in the engine.

I guess what i want to know (two parts, if not three...) is do i really need to drain the water or how would water get in the engine? When the valve cover is off one could accidentlly spill in the valve area where water could get in or can water get in somehow by the manifold thru pressure high/low??

This what I did: I removed the intake manifold, all but one hose the other two I pluged with bolts to stop coolant from draining. Then I was able to hang the intake manifold from the hood so it was standing up but one of the hoses was still connected. it hung there until I finished the valve gasket, replaced the upper intake manifold gasket (which was cheaper at the lexus dealer vs. kragen, pep boys, auto zone) and then put everthing back on and it fired right up.

I would like to know if by doing that is there a chance of water getting in the engine other than accidentally spilling water in the valve area when the cover was off because I didnt get water in the valve area???

thanks for ur help....anyone....anyone ....hello....haha

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