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Leather Seat Replacement


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I remember reading awhile back about certain websites that offered do it yourself leather seat replacement for our SC's. I think there was one that had options for how many panels of leather you could choose, thereby reducing the price. I did a topic search on this website and couldn't find it--could someone please direct me to the proper website again? Thanks.

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I got my leather seat skins from and was very happy with them. They were made with a tough piping around the attachment perimeters that makes installation easier because the hogrings can grab them much easier.

I took about 15-20 hours to install both front and rear seats, but that time could be beaten by someone with more experience or someone working more intensely. I took my time and enjoyed it.

You will need hog rings ($5) and hog ring pliers ($15).

The quality of the leather is great and it feels more like leather than the factory leather. I have always felt that the weakest quality of Japanese cars is in their OEM leather.

Also, my kit included the center console piece, and I sent them my old armrest covers for a pattern. In exchange they sent me a prototype set of covers, so these are probably available with the kit now.

Good Luck.

Bill Harrison

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