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Site Link To "cd Changer" Installation.

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As a first project with our GS300 (98) we will be adding a CD changer to interface with the standard factory supplied radio!. A standard non "Nakamichi" unit.

Our glove compartment is sealed, vehicle is a non CD supplied car. Do I need to purchases a new glove compartment box for the CD changer???.

Is the wiring harness for the changer easily accessible by removing the glove compartment??.

Is there a link in this forum to CD changer installs???. Any feedback on past experiences is highly appreciated........




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hello, yes i have the custom made cd changer cable for lexus. they are 100.00 shipped. the cable is custom made from metal shielded wiring. i sell the whole system cd button radio, cd changer and cable at a reduced rate so you can make sure it wouldnt be cheaper to buy the whole system from me. my systems have 1 year warranty and 30 day full refund policy as does the cd changer if you buiy it seperately. i will send a paypal money request to your emaill address so you can use your credit card if you are interested in purchasing.

heres my email address. i can send picture of the cable and system if you email me. also say which year and model it is for.

e gus mancy

853 sylvan shores dr

south viewnna,oh 45369

937 568 4538

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