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Lexus Oil Change

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Hi, I have a 2009 Lexus IS250 AWD (I'm located in Canada)

I just have a few quick questions about oil change before I call Lexus. I am planning to buy my own oil and filter and take it to Lexus for oil change because maintenance is too expensive.

1) I've been told that Mobil 1 engine oil is the best on the market so just wondering if anyone has experience with it, and if you do, which 1 of these is better:

apparently, the extended performance synthetic one lasts 20,000 KM...what about the normal synthetic one?

2) I know that 5W30 is the one to use, but how many Liters/Quarts should do I need?

3) I've also heard K&N is the best filter on the market, is this the right filter and how many KM does it last:

Thanks in advance!

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Change oil more frequently. Forget the 20,000 promises, change at 5000. Do this and any name brand filter is OK

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