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I, for the life of me, cannot get the rear seat out of my 93LS. The lexls tutorial is incorrect for 93 and up. AllData and lextreme both say that there is to spring loaded levers on either side of the seat, but I cannot seam to find them. Can someone give some idiot proof instructions for rear seat removal? I think I can manage after the bottom section finally comes free. I just need to know how to get the dang bottom piece on its way out. Thanks in advance.

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My 90 LS had a metal tab covered with plastic on each side of the lower front edge of the rear seat cushion where it meats the carpet. Pulling the tabs forward released the springs that hold the seat cushion to the floor.

My 00 LS has similar springs holding the seat cushion to the floor but it does not have the tabs. Maybe your 93 is similar.

The sear cushion removal instructions for my 00 LS simply say to grab the front lower edge of the seat cushion and pull upward. It wasn't that easy for me. I've only removed the seat cushion in my 00 LS a couple of times (back in 2004) and the first time I had to use a one foot long steel pry tool to pull the front edge of the seat cushion upward. Once I got the front edge of the cushion up, it was easy to remove it. The second time I removed the seat cushion, I didn't need the pry bar.

Before you use a pry tool, slip your fingers under the lower leading edge of the seat cushion at about the center of the drivers or passenger side foot well and pull up.

If you still can't get it up, PM me with your phone number/address and I'll bring my pry bar over. I'm in Lenexa.

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'90-'94 is the same, the tab has a plastic cover on it, but sometimes the cover gets knocked off and the metal itself is hard to see. They can also be bent, one of mine is like that and requires a pair of vice grips to pull it hard enough to release.

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