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How To Automatically Unlock The Doors?


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1993 LS400

My parents have Toyota Camry and they put in a security system from Circuit City with two remotes. After that, if you start the car and all the doors are closed the lock. And when you take the key out of the iginition the doors unlock. Like parking in your drive way and put the car in Park and take the keys out of the iginition and doors will unlock automatically.

Since the LS400 have a remote key to unlock and lock the car do they do this?

Because mine don't. I don't have a battery in my key so I don't know if it is programmed or not?


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I also have a 93 LS that the doors don't lock or unlock automatically and I wish that it did have that feature. I have another car that has this feature and when we drive the Lexus, quite often we forget to lock the doors and that can be bad for your health. I don't believe that the 93 can be programmed to do this although it would be quite easy to modify the system to work that way.

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I honestly don't know about an LS of that era. Post 97 (I think) LS have the C-BEST dealer customization system and they can be set to lock when in drive, unlock when in park. I set my ES up to work this way. My dad's 98 LS could also be set up that way but came from the factory with it disabled, his new 04LS came with in enabled.

Maybe theres some sort of button code you can use, do you have the manual?

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