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Proce Of Factory Cd Changerfor A 98?


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Benchi, disregard a certain rude post :chairshot: ! Welcome to the club :D ! Like Stevie said, check newlexusparts...they are always mcuh cheaper than your neighborhood dealer! What are you looking to do??...replace a dead changer or add a changer to a car that doesn't have one??? CD changer at 1k...I hope you don't have Nakamichi!! Maybe pioneersbuy can help you.


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$1800 for the Nak--wow :o I know the Nak changer is all digital and uses a fiber-optic link to the head unit, but that seems steep--same with $1000 for the Pioneer. Look around- you should be able to find a rebuilt unit with a decent warranty for around half that.

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I am adding a CD changer to my 97. I got a new changer and the glove box parts for $327 on Ebay. The seller, Sewell Lexus, claims that the Lexus warehouse was getting rid of them and they got them really cheap.

Previously, the dealer was asking $900 to $1200.

If you are replacing an existing unit, you don't need the glovebox parts. You can get used Lexus CD Changers on Ebay for less.

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