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90 Update!

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I have 90 Ls400 looking to update the car give it some new life/looks seeing if anyone has idea's or websites to give it a new look.

for example driving to work the other night and saw a lexus ls with led lower front turn signals (clear housing w/amber leds) but think it was a ucf20 but only saw it from the corner of my eye so not sure.

also found these tail lights wondering if there's led tail lights for ucf10

ucf20 led taillights

also maybe led mirrors (with turn signal) but have defrost side mirrors and would like to keep that feature.

then update head lights (clear), but at least have to replace fog light cracked (driver's side) and maybe a good hid kit no cheap ones.

also seeing if there a roof spoiler for ucf10.

So basically trying to update exterior to mimic newer models, so any ideas, info, or websites would be helpful. Thanks


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Share on other sites and Two good places for LS parts and accessories. also has some stuff, but they are more performance oriented. luxurymods is a bit pricy, but if you email them and tell them what you want and that your and LOC member you might get a discount. Good luck

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