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Third Brake Light Out


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my inspection sticker expires this month and my third brake light is out. how would i go about taking off the spoiler to check if theres any loose wires.

Also does anybody know the orange connector thats right under the back seat on the drivers side. what does that control?

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I believe the orange connector behind the back seat connect your speakers and Sub, but don't quote me on it. There is a link in the LS forum about it.

If you need to take your Aftermarket Spoiler off, take the grey covers off your trunk lid. That should expose the screws.

Hope this helps

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i disconnected the orange connector because the radio would't work with it connected so i just disconnected it. but i noticed that the orange connector has somthing to do with the antenna. when i put the radio on the antenna doesn't go up. but i don't eally care about that cause i need a new motor anyways. also the door ajar light doesn't come on since it's disconnected. what else does it do. the speakers and sub still work even when its disconnected.

about the third brake light i don't have an aftermarket spoiler. it's a factory spoiler.

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