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Weird Sound On Highway

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Hi, I have a 09 IS250 AWD (Canadian model)

Just asking for opinion on this small problem that I may have with my car

Picked up the car August 15th, 2009, and I don't remember when it first happened, probably 1-2 months after.

It only happens on the highway. I'd randomly hear this sound, which seems to be coming from the front wheel area (maybe suspension?), and sometimes I feel a vibration on my left foot while it's making this sound. I'm not sure how to describe it, sort of sound like a metal machine having gears moving but sort of getting stuck? I guess, I can put it as friction between 2 metal pieces....really not sure how to explain this, maybe sort of like a horn. The loudness of the sound varies, sometimes louder sometimes softer.

It just randomly happens, and it's been happening every now and then ever since. At first I thought it's from the huge trucks driving beside me, but I gave up that thought when I started to feel a little vibration at the foot.

I have a friend who has the same vehicle except his is 2006, and I noticed the same thing happens to him when I sat in his car (passenger seat, still feel the little vibration at the foot). He says it's because the road is not evenly paved.

Has anybody else have experienced something like this? My maintenance is coming up so maybe I will tell them to check it out.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you maybe have a brake pad hanging up? And sometimes the tires themselves can be the issue. On different surfaces they can "sing" or feel different as the miles rack up on them. The Bridgestone Turanzas I think are the worst for this.

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