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93 Es300 Hunting At Idle When In Gear

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I've only had this car for a few months, but it has always started right up and idles high at first during warm-up, then settles down to about 700 rpm or so. If I then put it in drive, the idle will hunt or surge up and down between 700 - 1000, especially noticable at a stop light. If I put it in neutral, it settles down to 700 immediately and doesn't start hunting again until put in drive.

Having the A/C on doesn't seem to affect this. Occasionally, it will settle down to about 700 when in gear, very briefly, then start the surging again.

Does anyone have any ideas what would likely be the source of this? I'm thinking the ECU is getting a false or inconsistent signal from something and trying to compensate....but why only when in gear?

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I'm thinking now that it's the A/C being on that causes the idle to go up and down. It idles fine if A/C is on and shift is in P or N, or if A/C is off and shift is in any gear or P. Does anyone have a suggestion what to check, or can explain how the A/C 'on' affects idle speed?

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