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98 Es300 Meets 97 Es300 (Ouch!)

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My daughter with her 98 ES300 (Emerald Green) backed out of the garage Friday night and hit my wife's 97 ES300 (Oyster). See pictures attached from my cell phone.

1) Where can we get some 98 ES300 Emerald Green paint?

2) Where can we get some 97 ES300 Oyster paint?

Checking on the Internet one finds that the pricing for the 98 ES300 Emerald Green passenger quarter panel and bumper run about $400-600ish. Likewise, checking on the Internet for the 97 ES300 Oyster driver quarter panel and door are in a similar price range. We're not "into" doing the quarter panel, bumper and/or door replacement so suggestions highly desired here.

I've put some HVAC metalic tape over the serious scrapes to impede the rusting. Other ideas welcome here also. All-in-all, it's about a $2-3K 'hit'. How can we same cash in these areas? The 97's driver lower splash panel has at least one broken plastic connector very near the front edge of the door. The protective wheel well metal piece near the tire was broken loose on both cars.



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