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'09 Gs 350 Awd Power Trunk Pulldown Doesnt Work

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Hey all,

Noob back with a second question. For some reason the power trunklid pulldown feature does not work on my '09 GS350 (bought it about two months ago with 10k miles on it). I read in the manual that once the trunklid is lowered to about halfway down, a motor is supposed to activate that lowers it the rest of the way and closes it.

The black strap connected to the trunklid seems fine and in working order. And when I gently close the trunk lid all the way down so that it makes contact with the metal mechanism, the motor kicks in and closes brings it in that final inch to close it securely. But, for some reason, that's the only time it works.

Is this a feature that was turned off at the dealer with some of the other personalized options?

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Had the same question and asked the Service Manager at SHEEHY Lexus in Annapolis, and he said the book is incorrect and also incorrect in a few other places. States you must pull/push trunk lid until it contacts the latch (metal on metal ) and then it will close and lock it the rest of the way.

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Really? So then no power assist at all until the trunklid is closed all the way down? then what is the use of the black strap that connects the trunklid to the top of the inner trunk? I've seen that device in other cars, and it was always a power assist device.

Hell, I could be wrong. Just seems strange, is all.

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