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I had a big spiel written about comparing the acura tl sh-awd to the 07 GS 350 AWD (premium) and how I am probably going to get an 07 lexus gs 350 with ultra premium. Anyways it didnt submit for some reason so Im going to give the short and sweet version. I'm 30 years old looking to move way up in the world from my 2000 nissan maxima GLE and am so excited, what an amazing car. Not the performer the TL was/is, but the acura felt kinda cheap with the plastics in places where the lexus is soft leather, plus it did not have a power adjustable steering wheel, it was manual tilt and telescopic which was surprising for a $50k cdn car. The seats were awesome inthe TL, they really held u in place for aggressive driving, but I dont think they would be as comfortable on the butt for long drives.

Moving right along, I am wondering what kind of money can I expect to get knocked off the price of an 07 gs350 ultra premium? The one I test drove was just premium, but I want the wood grains steering wheel and ML sound system. Please share your experiences I want to know how much I can negotiate. Thaks in advance!

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