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Magnetic Drain Plug

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I have seen magnetic drain plugs from $6.95 on eBay to $21.95 from racing companies. Sounds good in thoery

A gimmick like dozens of others all of which are intended to play upon the public's perception that the key to long engine life is using some special aftermarket part, lubricant, cleaner or filter.

The key to ultra long engine life in my experience is a combination of aggressive preventive maintenance using the parts, fluids and filters the Toyota engineers recommend and a relaxed, unhurried driving style; i.e. keep the engine between 2000-4500 rpm in everyday driving and avoid using full throttle. And drive gently for the first 3 miles every morning.

If you open up a Toyota engine that has always been maintained correctly and driven unabusively it is hard to find any substantial wear even after 400,000 miles.

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it can do no harm to have a magnetic drainplug

just like the ribbed fins to go over the oil filter to lower its temp

or the magnets people use on the back of some filters for extra metal retention

no clue if the original one is magnetic but i have yet to clean any metal off mine

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