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Help! My Lexus Sounds Like A Volkswagen!


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When I start my car, it sounds noisy (like a Volkswagen), but when you step on the accelerator, you need ear plugs. The further you step on the accelerator the louder it gets. It also doesn't seem to have that much power any more. Does it sound like an exhaust problem??

Model: ES300

Year: 1994

Mileage: 101000

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Sounds like a broken exhaust manifold gasket or cracked manifold. Low power could be from a clogged catalytic converter in combination with manifold problems. Continued driving when the engine is performing this badly can result in serious engine damage. So the car should be parked and keep your fingers crossed that no lasting damage has occurred.

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go to speedy or midas or one of those for a free estimate

use only toyota exhaust parts not there cheap ones

it is more than likely a bad flex joint that is leaking and getting worse

the y pipe usually breaks because of driving over something or more often because of a broken engine mount causeing too much flex and breaking it

about 350 for the part and 100 labour

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